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Ebikein Team


Hotelier, occasional blogger, biker overweight.


Gourmand, hotelier and event organizer. Lover of the land and culture of Levanto.


Entrepreneur out of necessity, for pleasure bikers. For him, life is a beautiful woman, a beautiful bike, a great vacation, an emotion and a glass of red wine.


Irene Viaggiatrice nell'anima, psicologa, amante della natura e del vivere sano, vi sorprenderò con il mio amore per Levanto.


Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you have to move (Albert Einstein)


Obstetrical in Genoa and in Uganda, then a waitress and bartender in the Genoese alleys. She loves being around people, meeting new people and listen to stories of travels and adventures in the world.

Pier Luigi

He lives in Levanto for six years where I started a family and an hotel. He's also a producer of classical music concerts and being a bit' overweight was immediately in love with the ebikes. Fisherman with mixed results. Adores Bruce Springsteen.

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